How to invest in stock market with little money?

Many people put off investing because they think investing in stock market needs a lot of money to start. But, this is just not true. You can just start your investment with as little as Rs. 500/- per month. Below are the few important points to consider before starting trading or investing in stocks.
1. Decide where you want to invest.
2. Choose an investing account.
3. Set a budget for your stock investment
4. Manage your stock portfolio
1. Do proper research on the stocks where you would like to invest some stocks may be long term investment and on the other hand few may start giving you return in a short span of time, depending on your strategy choose the one odd.
2. We personally recommend you to have a trading account with Motilal Oswal and trade with the same, as they provide best competitive market rates for broking. You may choose any in your case for starting with few bucks.
3. You may choose to start with Rs. 500 as it is not a big ammount and if you loose all of it, you would not borther much, and if you gonna stick to for a long term then it's definitely gonna be a win win situation for you as we post all the relevant information on our website for newbies to guide them in a proper way.
4. The main idea here is to check all the incoming and outgoings of your stocks in your dmat account, you must regularly check all the charges and equity bought by you and the brokerage you are paying towards it.