Mutual Funds or Stock Market? Which the best one?

Both of them have their own pros and cons, fully depending on your investment strategy you will find one. Consider the below three points before indulging in to stocks or mutual funds.
1. Risk-reward
2. Timeframe
3. Expenses
There is a big difference between these two investment vehicles as in mutual fund is a pooled investment scheme, professionally managed by a fund manager who invests the money collected from different investors and invests it into stocks, bonds and other short-term securities of different companies.
On the other hand, the stock is simply a class of asset, that provides ownership interest to the investor in the company. See below for more in depth information
1. This is the most important factor to be considered, it is solely dependent on your current financial situation is that how much risk can you tolerate because it is directly versus to profit. The higher the risk the higher the return.
2. The time period you want to spend, in short the time frame where you gonna invest and then start getting returns in lieu of your investment. You need a very strong planning for it to move forward. The amount of time you spend towards researching financial statement or fund prospectuses will impact which of the two are perfect fit!
3. It can be the decision changer, How much fees and expenses you are willing to endure. This can be included with some tax implications. One helps you to save a bit on income tax. and another does a bit of it.